About Us


JM construction was founded in 1984 and has continued to serve the Milwaukee market as a boutique construction management firm specialized in urban construction for 28 years. Our commitment to delivering complex design with skilled craft is exhibited through the many close relationships we maintain with some of the city’s most talented architects and designers. We consider the design team an extension of our client, a philosophy which leads to comprehensively resolving the intent of a design in built form.

“Seek the respect of the few who have the respect of many.”

— Darren Miller

Boutique means small, customized service. We pride ourselves on working directly in the field with selected craftsmen to build a process of minimizing loss of business and increasing quality. Urban construction requires comprehensive solutions to complex problems. Maintaining safety for the public and workforce, appropriately crafting sequence and staging, avoiding disruption to tenants and business are as important as maintaining cost and quality in design.