Private Residence

Project: Private Residence
Location: Cedarburg, WI.
Role: Lead Design, CM at risk
Cost: Undisclosed
Area: 5,600sf
Duration: 18 months

Brief: This residence was designed and built in totality by JM. Built on a remnant of land bordering picturesque Cedar Creek, the site required a variance to approve its construction. From design, development and construction, all facets of this building were handled by JM.

Carved from the pastoral hillside, the home’s plutonic, modern massing is contrasted with natural and highly textured materials. Clean lines explain the spaces within while directing the eye and commanding the view of the occupant.

Expansive curtain wall glazing blends the distinction between interior and exterior space. Terraces allow interior spaces to unfold to the natural surroundings. Concrete and steel reinforce the permanence this home exudes on its site. Lighting by Flos and hardware by Vali & Vali, add detail to the Spartan interiors.

This project reflects an understanding of architecture and design, which translates to our consistent demand of upholding the integrity of design intent.

Services provided: